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mom it’s NOT porn they’re POLE DANCING ANIMALS goddamn



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I read Tokyo Ghoul and sdfgdg. It’s so much better than anime. It’s awesome. And Juuzou is precious little thing. 


Made this thing really quick.  Please tell me I’m not the only one that considered this during the 4th episode.

[Anime clips are from Tokyo Ghoul.]
[The song is from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.}






Wolf Children: Ame & Yuki(2013)

This movie this movie this movie this movie this movie!

will watch this movie today

Rebloging again because YESSSS

If you haven’t seen this movie.

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"This sentence has five words. Here are five more words. Five-word sentences are fine. But several together become monotonous. Listen to what is happening. The writing is getting boring. The sound of it drones. It’s like a stuck record. The ear demands some variety. Now listen. I vary the sentence length, and I create music. Music. The writing sings. It has a pleasant rhythm, a lilt, a harmony. I use short sentences. And I use sentences of medium length. And sometimes, when I am certain the reader is rested, I will engage him with a sentence of considerable length, a sentence that burns with energy and builds with all the impetus of a crescendo, the roll of the drums, the crash of the cymbals—sounds that say listen to this, it is important.” - Gary Provost

Reading this was so satisfying woah

Take note, writers!

why don't you recommend minors practicing witchcraft?







I’m a liable adult. I can’t actually legally recommend anything to a minor. The last ask was from someone who specifically stated they weren’t going to be a witch until they were 18 and if that is how they feel then I support that.

As a reminder for the folks over here. I am not legally able to talk to minors without parental consent about witchcraft for various reasons. Most groups ask to see ID when you look young (in my case, this was the case) just to be on the safe side.

So everyone who is following me should be 18, and that’s the way my brain is officially programmed in terms of this blog. I’d rather you guiz unfollow me though if you’re younger than 18, just to be clear because I am legally not able to speak about witchcraft with you.

Woah— asksecularwitch, would you be willing to do a post on reasons? I’m now of the adult category, and I may legitimately need to know what I can and cannot discuss with minors about things. Not sure if it differs for religion and witchcraft…but I’m most likely going to need to know.

You might have missed this whole discussion at length. Especially the part where someone got mad and tattle told on me to the great pagan tags. [ see how I’m very impressed] because I wasn’t having their crap.

So basically in summary:

1. Witchcraft is viewed in the US to be a religion, it came about when they established Wicca as a religion because they are viewed to be the same thing. 

2. Legally, minors are not adults [and in some cases, aren’t fully fledge citizens of the US until 21], and therefore are not fully fledged citizens. The only people who have the right to access to religious ideas or other contraband is the parents. It’s why people ask for identification to prove you’re at least 18  years of age in covens or ask for a parental consent note. Because the parents are the ones controlling their children.

3. Because the parents are controlling their children and what their children are exposed to, I could be liable as an adult for exposing their children to things that that parent doesn’t want that child to be exposed to. Thus becoming someone that potentially they could enact legal issues with. Especially if I knew they were children.

Which is why I specifically say at least every once in a while that this is an 18+ blog, and ask anyone, ANYONE younger than 18 to please unfollow me. Because I am not liable for people’s internet usage and I am not going to go check everyone’s IDs on the way into my public blog.


So this is an 18+ blog. 

THIS is what I was talking about a few days ago!

I have a problem with the idea that parents control their children. I mean, I just turned 20 like a week ago, so I can’t speak as a parent, but you literally cannot control what your children are exposed to, and I dont think that its logical to even think for a second that you could control something like that, especially when the internet is a thing. Just sayin.

But it’s less of a deal of what actual control parents have over their children, and more of what legal control they exercise over what their child is exposed to while that child is their responsibility. 

Since I’m no expert on Wicca, I’m going to try to explain this from an artist’s standpoint, and leave that to the experts. So, because my artblog sometimes features NSFW images and text, I like to ask that all followers there be 18+ because there are very clear legal ramifications of me providing pornography to minors. Technically, this applies whether I’m aware of it or not, but if I KNOW they are underage, i’m rather shooting myself in the foot. 

It’s the internet. I can’t control what anyone else does on the internet anymore than I can fly, BUT I can try to damage-control, even though there’s no way for me to be able to ensure anything comes of it. 

I’m assuming it’s something of a similar situation within the witchcrafting circles on tumblr. 







look what you made me do


do you ever wish you could just stop time for like a couple weeks so you could just sleep and do whatever you want and just get your shit together and then after that time would just start back up again and you wouldn’t have missed anything because you would just pick up where you left off






I feel much better now…

Original gif it’s not mine

It’s like a Michael Gambon sized weight has been lifted from my chest. 

**All book readers nod in unison**

Sigh. I can finally stop hating the fourth film.







US students will be able to shield themselves during school shootings with the latest in body armour, the Bodyguard Blanket

Are fucking kidding me? I have been sitting at home and constantly watching the news after the events of yesterday. For those of you who are wondering, I am a junior at REYNOLDS HIGH SCHOOL! I was there when the shooter kept running in the halls trying to open the doors and get in. I was there in the dark praying and crying while my librarian kept saying ” they’ll have to kill me before they touch my kids” I have known her for three years, her determination to keep us safe broke her heart. Seeing this, that little children need protection in school. Are we sending kids to a battlefield? I have three little brothers ranging from 5-10, and still people have the nerve to speak about the second amendment? Really? I can’t even type anymore. I’m so disgusted and frustrated. When will you realize that it’s important to have gun control? When a shooter is pointing a gun at your child? Is that when you’ll realize that guns aren’t something to be kept around. People say it’s a free country but honesty, this country is more oppressed and diseased than any other country.

Show me ONE instance where gun control and gun free zones prevented school shootings.


Let me tell you guys a story.
In 1996, in a little town in Australia called Port Arthur, a gunman killed 35 and injured 23. This place was a tourist attraction, with plenty of visitors and locals going about their business. 
35 people died.That’s 35 marriages, anniversaries, birthdays or uni degrees. 35 people left Port Arthur in body bags.
At the time, we had a pretty conservative government, and the Prime Minister at the time (in hindsight) was kind of a dick. But within two weeks of the shooting, Howard instituted a massive reform and buyback of all firearms. 

But it must be a statistical flaw, you say, there weren’t that many massacres before 1996, right? No, WRONG. 
In the eighteen years leading up to Port Arthur, there had been 13 mass shootings. 

But April, you ask, this couldn’t possibly have worked could it? Wouldn’t it only have reduced the mass shootings? WRONG.
Since 1996, there have been ZERO mass shootings. That’s right, ZERO. FUCKING ZILCH. There have been scattered homicides, however:

How many schools have been raided and children murdered? NONE.
How many film buffs have been murdered in their seats? NONE.
How many innocent lives have been lost to the barrel of a gun? NONE.

On top of this, homicides involving the use of guns, and youth suicide involving the use of guns has declined dramatically, by up to 60%

Australia, however much the environment tries to kill you, is a safe haven, and you can walk the streets with 99% assurance that you won’t fall victim to a drive by shooting.

Your move, America.

in 1987 a lone gunman killed 16 people, wounded 15 and then committed suicide. within six months the uk government passed an amendment to the firearms act effectively outlawing all high calibre, high frequency, high capacity rifles and shotguns.

in 1996 another lone gunman killed 16 children and their teacher, and then committed suicide. again within six months the uk government outlawed all handguns. special dispensation had to be issued in order to hold shooting competition as part of the 2012 olympic games, and british hopefuls had to train overseas.

you can legally own certain types of shotgun, .22 calibre rifles over a certain barrel length, and antiques. that’s it.

in the nigh-on twenty years since the uk has had one mass shooting. one. and we’re down to about 30 gun-related deaths annually.

there is not one example of gun control laws reducing mass shootings and gun-related homicide. there are dozens. it literally works every time. the usa is the anomaly not because it didn’t work but because it hasn’t tried.




That’s one way to handle the heat.

Ellen: “….kay”

I’m never gonna get over Ellen’s face


Not everyone sees the same color when they stare at this spinning disk.

The gif is called, “Benham’s disk" "is named after the English toymaker Charles Benham, who in 1895 sold a top painted with the pattern shown. When the disk is spun, arcs of pale color, called Fechner colors or pattern-induced flicker colors (PIFCs), are visible at different places on the disk. Not everyone sees the same colors."

"The phenomenon originates from neural activity in the retina and spatial interactions in the primary visual cortex, which plays a role in encoding low-level image features, such as edges and spatiotemporal frequency components."

Fascinating how our brains work, I see a brown tan, what do you see? :D



this is why she is the queen of genovia

this is why she is the queen of genovia

Eliza Rickman
Devil's Flesh and Bone
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Big boy blue, he ran away, ran away.
Find him on, a bread a day, a bread a day.
Leave it on the line, and then he’ll understand.
When all is left to you, no one coming through,
Oh, what’s a girl to do?